Sick Of Volume Builders Pushing ‘Standard’ Builds With No Room To Add Your Personal Touch?

Build Your Custom Designed Dream Home, Perfectly Tailored To You And Your Lifestyle, In Less Than 30 Weeks AND Within Budget – Guaranteed*!

Discover The Difference When You Have Your Own, Personal Expert Builder Completely Dedicated To Building Your New Home


You Deserve The Freedom And Control To Build The Home YOU Want

There’s nothing quite like living in a home you’ve had custom designed and built for yourself. Everything is exactly how you want it and every little detail fits perfectly to your tastes and lifestyle. It’s like having your own perfect oasis away from the rest of the world.

But building your dream home only happens once in your lifetime – so it’s vital you get it right. And that means finding a builder that you can trust to really look out for your best interests.

We Don’t Cut Corners So You Don’t Have To Make Concessions

Hi, my name’s Michael Burdack, managing director of Buildspace Constructions. We’re not your typical home builder. We only take on a very limited number of projects at a time because I firmly believe that we have a responsibility to devote our full attention when it comes to building someone’s dream home.

Yes, that means we lose out on business from time to time, but to me it’s much more important to deliver quality and a personal touch than to risk missing deadlines and making slipups trying to juggle ten or more builds at once.

If You’re After A Cheap, Volume Build, You’re In The Wrong Place

Look, I’m going to be straight. If you’re after a quick, cheap and generic property that you plan to sell in a couple of years (or right away), you’re in the wrong place. As a boy I fell in love with building homes after helping my dad build the house I grew up in. He was an absolute perfectionist – a trait that I inherited.

I take pride in the work my team and I do. If it’s not done right, we’ll rip it out and redo it – even if it means paying for more supplies and working overtime to meet deadlines. We’re willing to go that extra mile.


Discover How We’ll Bring Your Dream Home To Life – In Less Than 30 Weeks And Within Budget!


Thank you for all your hard work! Even when we discovered an unexpected council pipe in our back yard that threatened to derail the entire project, you put my mind at ease and had a solution to what was a very stressful situation within hours. Now the project is finished, I’m overjoyed at not only the new townhouse, but the total transformation of the original 1950s house that hadn’t been touched since the 1970s. I look forward to recommending you to anybody looking to build!



We will deliver your home on-time

We will always consult with you before performing unexpected work outside your planned budget.

We will always complete work to the highest standard.

We will always find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for every part of your build.

The Buildspace
Constructions Difference

You’re Always In Control, Every Step Of The Way

When you build with us you’re not stuck to a blueprint. It’s your home, so it’s your call if you want to make any changes. And we work with you to find solutions instead of saying ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t fit within a preset plan.

I’ll Personally Be Working On Your Dream Home

Your dream will be in my hands, a responsibility I take very seriously. You won’t be left at the mercy of a supervisor you’ve never met before that has to split his time between 15+ different builds in 10 different suburbs.

Complete Transparency On All Costs

I understand building a home is a huge investment. That’s why I never under-quote and will constantly keep you updated on costs. If something unexpected comes up, I will always consult with you before doing any work.


Discover How We’ll Bring Your Dream Home To Life – In Less Than 30 Weeks And Within Budget!

A Stunning, Premium Home Doesn’t Need To Come With A Premium Price Tag

People instantly think a high-quality, custom built home will be extremely expensive. They’re wrong. You see, the big volume builders spend tens, even hundreds of millions on fancy showrooms and national TV ads. And they have supervisors, managers, account executives, management boards and all sorts of fancy salaries to cover.

Those costs are all passed on to you. But I don’t spend money on that sort of thing. Which means I can pass those advertising savings directly on to you. In other words, you pay less for your home because I spend less showing off.


Discover How We’ll Bring Your Dream Home To Life – In Less Than 30 Weeks And Within Budget!

We Could Construct One Of These Stunning Homes Just For You...

Complete Peace Of Mind With
Our Ironclad Triple Guarantee*

I’m so confident of the quality of our work that I’m willing to back our services with an incredible triple guarantee* – something few other builders are willing to do. I do this because I know how daunting and scary it can be to go into a home building project. It’s a big investment, something you pour your heart and soul into. And I want you to be able to make that decision without hesitation.

Our $2,500 On Time

It’s an unfortunate fact that many home builds run months over time, and tens of thousands of dollars over budget. With Buildspace Constructions, I guarantee* that we’ll finish your home within 30 weeks of breaking ground or we’ll give you $2,500 of kitchen appliances completely FREE.

Our 6 Month Maintenance

Your home will be backed by our ‘no questions asked’ 6-month Maintenance Guarantee*. That’s a full 13 weeks longer than the industry standard. In short, if you run into any issues at in the first 6 months, we’ll come and fix them right away – completely FREE. That’s ON TOP of all the manufacturer warranties and guarantees* you’re already protected by.

Our 10 Year Structural

We use the highest quality building materials, fixtures and trades to ensure every part of your home is built to last for generations. But to provide you with full peace of mind for you and your family, your home will be backed by our 10-year structural guarantee*. This means in the very unlikely event you run into any structural problems with your home during these 10 years, we’ll come and fix them completely FREE of charge.


Discover How We’ll Bring Your Dream Home To Life – In Less Than 30 Weeks And Within Budget!

See Some Of Our Complete Home Transformations For Yourself


Get A FREE One-On-One Strategy Session With An Expert Builder To Find Out How You Can Bring Your Dream Home Into Reality … On-Time And Within Budget!

In only 30 minutes, we’ll help you develop a clear vision of exactly what your dream home will look like and what you’ll need to make it come to life. We’ll even give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take and much it will cost.

We’ll do all of this without charging you a cent. And you’re under no obligation to take up our services. Alternatively, if you’re ready to go and have your own plans and permits in place, we’ll develop an action plan together and start your build within 21 days of receiving all relevant documentation!

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